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Real Estate Law in Edmonton, Alberta
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Top Real Estate Law services we offer to our Edmonton-area clients

  • Home purchases & sales

  • Mortgage financing & details

  • Construction agreements

  • Residential real estate disputes

  • And much more…

Real Estate Law - Edmonton and Area

Real estate transactions can come with many challenges. It is often the biggest purchase or sale many people make in their lives, and many steps are involved. It is critical to ensure that the legal aspects of these transactions are handled promptly and correctly. We are here to help you every step of the way. Our team can review your purchase or sale contracts, negotiate terms if needed, conduct titles searches, transfer and disburse funds to those involved, and ensure the deal closes smoothly.


Our trusted real estate team provides exceptional, reliable service in matters related to purchases, sales, refinancing, and more. Request a free consultation.

Common Questions Regarding Edmonton Real Estate Law FAQs

  • · Review title to ensure that there are no registrations that would remain and adversely affect your interest

    · Make sure that the buyer’s obligations under the purchase contract are met

    · Handle mortgage documentation and the client’s responsibilities to the bank

    · Report to and advise the client and lender

  • · Obtain title information and ensure that the seller’s obligations with respect to title are met

    · Prepare documentation to be provided for the transfer of title

    · Ensure that all mortgages and obligations of the seller are removed from title

    · Assist the seller in ensuring that all obligations pursuant to the sale contract are me

  • Contact a lawyer before you sign an offer to purchase, whether you are buying or selling, so the lawyer can review and explain the terms of the contract to you. Once you sign the contract, you are bound by it, so any disagreements about what the terms mean can lead to delays at best and costly lawsuits at worst.

  • Insight Law charges a flat fee plus expenses and GST. Expenses vary from file to file with the major expenses being the registration costs for a transfer and a mortgage. If you know the purchase price and mortgage amount, we are happy to give you a reliable estimate of the legal costs of your transaction.

Real Estate Lawyers in Edmonton, Alberta

Do you have more questions about Real Estate Law for one of our Edmonton lawyers? Request a free consultation.

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