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Small businesses and small business owners in Edmonton, Alberta
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Small Business Law

From starting and growing a small business to retiring from it, we can help with the many legal needs you will have along the way. We specialize in this area of corporate/commercial law, so we understand the unique needs of small businesses and small business owners. We can help in these areas:

  • Incorporating or forming companies, societies, limited liability corporations, and partnerships

  • Maintaining minute books

  • Annual filings

  • Preparing unanimous shareholders’ agreements

  • Assisting in mergers and acquisitions

  • Providing legal advice regarding employees, licensing, and many other aspects of running a small business

We will work with you to start your business and to support your growth and future plans.

Small business lawyers in Edmonton, Alberta

Do you have more questions about Small Business Law for one of our Edmonton lawyers? Request a free consultation.

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