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Family Law Mediation Services

The family law mediation process for separating and divorcing couples brings significant benefits. In the hands of a trained mediator, mediation can reduce the amount of stress, time and money associated with disentangling your lives. While court litigation processes typically cost each of you in the tens of thousands of dollars and can last a year or more, the mediation process typically costs far less and often takes less than six months, depending on your circumstances.


Mediation also helps you find creative solutions to the problems you confront. Rather than letting a judge decide how you should parent your children or split your assets and debts, a mediator helps you identify what is most important to each of you and looks for options that meet both your needs.

How does mediation benefit children?


Mediation focuses on the well-being of the family as a whole, including children. A skilled mediator can help you develop plans and communication strategies to ensure that your children are kept out of the dispute as much as possible and that you both have a consistent message for them as you separate and figure out parenting responsibilities.

What if your relationship was abusive?

Mediation may also be beneficial in circumstances of abuse. A skilled mediator will provide options to ensure the comfort and safety of both parties while also helping you address the practicalities of separating.

But don't I need to go to court?


Many people believe that getting in front of a judge will ensure they get their day in court and the other person will get what he or she deserves. In truth, less than five percent of cases in Alberta ever get to a full trial.


The majority of cases are settled partway through the litigation process, either at a less formal hearing or with the help of lawyers. Even so, the court system is adversarial and can often inflame emotions and conflict. Separating and divorcing couples who go to court may find themselves feeling bitter and stressed on top of their emotions about the breakdown of their relationship. Mediation, conversely, can help bring closure and lay the foundation for moving ahead more positively with your lives. 

Alberta Courts recently reintroduced a Mandatory Dispute Resolution requirement, which means that no one can proceed with litigation without first having tried a dispute resolution process such as mediation. Our trained mediators can help. Request a free consultation to learn if mediation is right for you.
Family law mediation process in Edmonton, Alberta

Do you have more questions about Family Law Mediation for one of our Edmonton lawyers? Request a free consultation.

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